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Corfu Activities

In case you and your group are nature lovers, or adrenaline enthusiasts we can offer guidance for various types of activities. That will provide memorable experiences in Corfu and allow you to discover the island’s secrets.

Do you love  nature or the extreme sport? We can make you some offers οf various types of activities for  unforgettable experience in Corfu in order  to discover the ‘’secrets ‘’ of the island.

Corfu Horse Riding

We can’t think of a more unique experience than seeing Northern Corfu from horse back. This is a unique opportunity which you would be unable to enjoy by any other mode of transport.

Corfu Diving

Diving in Corfu will be a memorable experience and an ideal activity to restore your peace of mind. The coasts of Corfu will prove to be very interesting and the overall diving experience will be fantastic.

Corfu Biking

Take the chance to explore Corfu with a bike tour that will take you from Pantokrator the highest mountain of the island to the rural lanes and the coastal routes.

Corfu Hiking

Discover the most idyllic hiking paths along Corfu's coast line. Walk though ancient olive tree groves and rest in fantastic bathing bays.

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Corfu Accommodation

Most accommodations in Northern Corfu provide an ideal choice for families with children, are situated close to a beach, surrounded by soothing green landscapes and have amazing views. View our suggested accommodation options.